Parsec Frontiers

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Parsec Frontiers is an online game about humanity's colonisation of the stars and planets in the Milky way. starting from Earth, the actions of all players will shape the future of our galaxy.

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We are very happy to welcome Stein Lianos and Sindre Grannes Børresen to Artplant. Stein has worked as a game designer all over Europe, working on several console games.

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Questionable value for the token since the platform will accept any cryptocurrency. Parsec Frontiers — A player-driven game on the blockchain where players mine and refine rare metals, build advanced starships and defense systems, …

Poorly, as it turns out! Inverse tackled the many issues awaiting those bold explorers hoping to join the Parsec High Club. This is largely an unexplored frontier in part because most space travel is paid for by the government, who frankly have …